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Dostęp do wykwalifikowanych pracowników

What distinguishes JD Mercury?

Dedicated project team We suggest recruitment methods set It is the customer who decides what actions should be implemented Detailed activities schedule Number of candidates guaranteed by way of an agreement Employees guarantee


Advantages of the cooperation:

  • We offer flexible and mobile employment;
  • No costs for carrying out HR and administrative issues;
  • No costs due to illness, days off, notice period, legal employment of employees;
  • Civil liability insurance for sum guaranteed of PLN 1,000,000; insurance of cost of treatment of foreigners and Polish citizens living permanently abroad during their stay in the Republic of Poland;
  • Employees’ availability – 100%;
  • Employee can be replaced upon request;
  • Costs of employment are 100% predictable;
  • The employee underwent medical tests and was trained on general OHS rules;
  • If the job concerns contact with food, the employee has a valid medical record book for sanitary and epidemiological purposes; We ensure services of a contact manager and a foreman at your disposal.

Temporary Employment

  1. The employee is employed by J.D. Mercury and is delegated to work at your company.
  2. We sign with the employee a contract of mandate or a contract of specific work for a definite period. The duration of such contract is maximum 18 months in accordance with the Act of 9 July 2003 on Employment of Temporary Workers. After that period, the Employer hires the Employee.

The benefits of temporary work include:

  • It is us who employ the workers via the Agency.
  • In case the hired employees are foreigners (from Ukraine, Belarus) we arrange necessary visa documents, invitations, certificates etc.
  • The employer receives employees ready to work (legal basis: Employment of Temporary Workers Act).

External Employment

  1. The service is about outsourcing employee management at external company from the EU and the World. In case a cooperation agreement is concluded, the employees delegated to your company will be employed by JD Mercury.
  2. Thanks to cooperation with us, you will make use of verified employees, at the same time not increasing the number of positions.

The advantages of the cooperation include:

  • Delegated employees employed by JD Mercury;
  • Maximization of financial flexibility, positions and resolution to the problem concerning the limited number of positions;
  • Reduction of administration expenses related to HR and payroll services of external employees;
  • The external employment service provider becomes responsible for public-law liabilities towards government offices and institutions;
  • The process of external employees’ settlement becomes more efficient